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          Powering digital transformation

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          Intelligent and Connected Enterprise

          OpenText™ powers digital transformations to empower the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise. Enabling companies to digitize processes and supply chains and discover value in their information with analytics and Artificial Intelligence, OpenText offers greater business insight to make data-driven decisions for success.

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          Innovations driving business


          Novelis Corporation delivers upon complex cases by bringing e-discovery in-house with OpenText™ EnCase™

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          Inspiring new ways to work

          Enterprise World 2019 will be packed with inspiring keynotes, customer case studies, product demos and roadmaps, informative technical sessions and partner exhibits to help attendees on their digital transformation journey.

          Learn more about each of the Enterprise World locations: Vienna, Singapore and Toronto.

          Enterprise World 2019 goes global

          Bringing information to life

          In 2018, technology played a critical role in government as the public sector experienced rapid disruption in its IT systems and processes.

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          As technology evolves, so do the challenges of digital forensic investigation.

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          BAI white paper puts omni-channel experience top of the CIO agenda

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          The Healthcare sector has been slow to embrace digital transformation but it is now catching up with other industries.

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